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Run Firefox OS On Your PC

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run firefox os on pc
Try Firefox OS on your computer
Firefox OS, the smartphone platform developed by Mozilla was one of main highlights on this week.Firefox OS is similar to very Android OS - both are open source and the user interface looks quite same.At the moment Firefox OS is only released on two devices - ZTE Open handset or on an Alcatel One Touch device, having an hands-on experience of Firefox phone is not possible.However, there is easy an way for you to experience Firefox OS UI on your Windows, Linux or Mac computer provided you have the latest Firefox web browser installed.

Run Firefox OS On Computer

To run Firefox OS on your pc, you need the following softwares:

  • Firefox web browser
  • Firefox OS simulator addon

The Firefox OS simulator is actually meant for developers to test their Firefox OS apps.

To install Firefox OS simulator, open your Firefox web browser and download Firefox OS simulator addon from the following link [ Firefox OS simulator ].

download firefox os simulator

Click on Add to Firefox button to install the addon.

While installing the addon, you may encounter a message saying unresponsive script.Simply ignore that warning and click continue to finish installing the addon.

Once the Firefox OS addon is installed, you can open the addon from Web Developer > Firefox OS simulator as shown in the following screenshot.

firefox os simulator

This will open the Firefox OS simulator dashboard.The dashboard enables the developers to add the apps they developed to run on Firefox OS simulator.Assuming you are not a developer, let's ignore and jump on to the Firefox OS experience.

To run Firefox OS simulator,

firefox os simulator

Click on Simulator button and you will have Firefox OS running on a new window.

firefox os on pc
Firefox OS
The Firefox OS simulator functions on your computer just like on an actual smartphone.If your computer is connected to internet, you can use the default Firefox OS browser on the right corner to browse internet as if you are using a Firefox smartphone.

The Firefox OS simulator is pre-installed with popular apps like twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube etc. and is ready for use.The instagram ap doesn't let you upload photos, however you can browse feeds from the accounts you follow on instagram.The twitter app worked just fine.You can also browse and install new apps from marketplace for Firefox OS.

The gallery app on Firefox OS will pull pictures and other media files from your computer document folder.

Will Firefox OS Have A Future?

From my initial impressions of Firefox OS from this simulator, I think Firefox OS will have a really hard time getting noticeable market share among smartphones.

The coming of Firefox OS will make it the 5th known smartphone OS after iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Ubuntu Phone.Only time can tell if Firefox OS can survive the smartphone competiton.

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