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Ad Networks make it easy to monetize your blog or website.There are hundreds ad networks offering to monetize your blog and every month new ad networks are starting up.Among the top paying ad networks, except Google Adsense, they only accept established and branded network blogs.Even for Adsense, to get accepted your blog should be at least 6 months old.Because of these kind of restrictions, new bloggers find it hard to monetize their website and resort to low quality - may be fraud ad networks.The reason why I'm writing this post is to find best ad networks suitable for monetizing new blogs and websites.Today, I'm going to review Chitika Ad Network and tell you why it's one of the best way to monetize your blog.

Chitika Ad Network Review

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Chitika Ads are user targeted text ads

Requirements For Eligibility

Getting your website accepted with an ad network is the first step in monetizing your blog.Compared to most ad network, Chitika has the lowest requirements thus making it the perfect ad network for new blogs.

Chitika Ad Networks has two level for publishers - Silver level and Gold level.

Silver level is the basic level and by default new publishers are added to this level.There are no minimum requirements or restrictions to get your your site accepted for Silver level ads expect the general internet rules for a family safe website.

To get qualified for Gold level ads, your website should have at least 5000 impressions per day from search engines.Gold level ads are targeted ads from branded publishers which means you'll have hogher click through ratio which is equal to higher earnings.

Chitika Ad Formats and Types

Chitika ads are primarily user targeted text ads.So if your blog has more text contents chitika ads would easily blend in your website.There are three types of ads - Text Ads, List Ads and Mobile Ads.Mobile Ads can displayed for mobile visitors only.All of these ads are available in a number of sizes.

All of these ads can be customized to different text colors and backgrounds to match with your website.

Apart from these ad types, chitika also has three other unique ads - Linx ads, Highlight ads and Hover ads.
  • Linx ads are in-text ads similar to Kontera and Infolinks.
  • Highlight ads are new type of ads that not many ad networks offer.These ads appear only when someone hightlights and copies text from your website.
  • Hover ads will show up on bottom right ride of web browser when a user scrolls down webpage.
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You can easily enable or disable these ads from your Chitika account.

Chitika Payments

Chitika offers payments via Paypal and check.The minimum threshold for payment via Paypal is only $10 and for payments via check it is $50.

In our experience Chitika is a legit ad network and it has the potential to earn you more revenue if you have good traffic to your website.Through this Ad Network reviews, we hope to bring out more ad networks suitable for monetizing newly started blog.Which is the best ad network in your opinion? Let us know..

Also, If are already a Chitika publisher, share us your experience and views on Chitika in the comments.

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