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Best Free Games For Windows Phone

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free windows phone games download

I love wasting my time playing awesome games.Yeah, Windows Phone also has some super cool games too.Check out our list of top free Windows Phone games!

free windows phone games download
Best Free Windows Phone Games
After Google's Android and Apple's iOS, Microsoft's investment in smartphone OS - that is, Windows Phone stands third in smartphone OS with over 20% market share.With the recently launched Nokia lumia series phones, Windows Phone 8 has gained more exposure among smartphone users.The real success of Windows Phone depends on the availability of apps and games.Like Android Play store and Apple's Appstore, Windows Marketplace is the official place to download apps and games for Windows Phone OS.However Windows Marketplace still lacks in good free apps and free games for Windows Phone, but I was able to find some interesting and unique free games for Windows Phone OS, some of which are not available other mobile platforms.

We recently checked out most of the popular and free games for Windows Phone on my new Nokia Lumia 620.I was not expecting much at Windows Marketplace since I was not able to find my favorite best free Android games ( - Hill Climb Racing, Angry Gran Run ) there.To add to the disappointment Cut The Rope - one of the most interesting physics games ever was not free at Windows Marketplace. Even after this heart-breaking reality, I'm still enjoy spending time playing on my Nokia Lumia - just because of these best free games for Windows Phone OS.

I have also compiled a short video showing a sneak peek of the top free best Windows Phone games, watch it below....

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#1 Fragger

top windows phone games
Throw granade at terrorists and kill them! it's fun!
Fragger is just like Angry Birds - your mission is to kill the terrorists by aiming and throwing granades at them.This game has over 300 challenging levels in 10 different worlds.You can also where your skill stands at granade throwing by comparing your scores online with other players around the world.

Once you become and grenade launcher expert, compare your score online with the millions of Miniclip users that play Fragger.

Games Features: Cool Graphics

[ Download ]

#2 BBB App-ocalypse

free mobile games download
The best strategy ( tower defense ) game EVER!!
Bye Bye Brain App-ocalypse is the best free strategy game I have come across.In this game, the people have turned into brain eating zombies due to overuse of mobile phones.Your mission is to keep safe a group of five survivors from the zombie horders.Use your decision making skills and take risks to avoid the unavaidalbe.With it's amazing motion sensored 3d game play and scary sound effects, a strategy game can not go further beyond this awesomeness!

Game Features: Motion sensor game, Best 3D graphics, Interesting game play

[ Download ]

#3 iStunt 2

motion sensor mobile game
One of the best motion based game EVER!!
iStunt 2 was already covered on our list of best free android games.It is also available for Windows Phones and keeps its cool.You are a surf boarding stunter.Hit the slopes and perform impossible stunts, dodge deadly saws and do incredible jumps in a world where gravity laws have been broken!

Combining outstanding physics, amazingly responsive controls and beautiful retina graphics, iStunt 2 is one of the most fun and original games on Windows Phone 7.

Game Features: Motion sensor game, Amazing graphics, unique game play

[ Download ]

#4 Square Off Free

best windows phone games
Unique and cute game!
Square Off can be counted among the cutest game ever list.Your mission is to kill the alien enemies invading earth.The gameplay is interesting with it's simple on screen controls and cool sound effects.

Game Features: Good graphics, Cool onscreen controls.

[ Download ]

#5 Call Of Carlos

motion control games mobile
Much like Mario, but motion controlled
If you loved playing Mario, you will Carlos too.Escape from the hot rippling lava it it floods the mine with your pickaxe and collect diamonds.The motion control makes the game very interesting to play.

Games Features: Motion sensor game, nice gameplay

[ Download ]

#6 AE Fruit Slash

Fruit ninja windows game
The Fruit Ninja of Windows
The Windows phone free copy version of the very popular fruit slicing game Fruit Ninja.The real Fruit Ninja cost 0.99$ at Marketplace and since AE mobiles were successful in replicating a cool free version of fruit ninja, Fruit Slash deserves to be stand among the best free windows phone games

[ Download ]

#7 Bubble Jump

best motion sensor game
Cute, Fun, Minimalistic yet Awesome!
Bubble Jump is a sky climbing themed game.You play as Guide Rutherford, a cuddly furball with sky-high ambitions, Reach the bubbles to power up and score to the height of sky.

Game Features: Beautiful graphics, Motion sensor game

[ Download ]

#8 Pop Cat

best classic mobile games
Not like other boring popping games - it has CUTE kitty faces!
PopCat is a cool version of the popular classic popping game.Tap two or more cats of same color and score points.

Game Features: Cool graphics

[ Download ]

#9 Xtreme Joyride Lite

Hill climb windows game download
Hill Climb Racing for Windows Phones
Xtreme Joyride is the best Windows version of the most addictive android game - Hill Climb Racing.Go as fast as you can, reach as far as you can, do stunts score points and lots of fun!

Game Features: Motion sensor game

[ Download ]

#10 3D Brutal Chase

car games for windows
because car chasing is fun!
3D Brutal Chase is a good car chasing game with RoadRash-Age graphics.Your mission is to chase down the enemies and earn points.

[ Download ]

These are the best Windows Phone game released so far on Marketplace.Angry Birds was just recently released at Marketplace, if you like Angry Birds check it here.We cover more interesting free games and app for Android and Windows Phone platforms every month.So stay subscribed!

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