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AppNana - Earn Online With Your Android / iOS Devices

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appnana invitation codes

Ever dreamed of making money doing nothing? I bet you have.Here's a good news for you!

appnana invitation codes
Earn money by downloading free apps and games on your Android or iOS phone
Are you looking for ways to earn money doing nothing at all? Well, if you have an Android  or iOS device, I have a good answer for you - AppNana.AppNana is one of the most popular rewards app for Android / iOS phones.To earn money from it, all you got to do is earn points ( nanas )  by completing various daily offers and redeem the points for money at Amazon store, Play store, iTunes store or at Paypal.

Download AppNana for: Android | iOS

After downloading and installing AppNana on your phone, you can start earning points by following ways:

Ways To Earn Nanas In AppNana?

Earning points in AppNana is a piece of cake if you have access to high speed internet.

  • Download Free Apps and Games

You can earn from over 100's of points to 1000's of AppNana points by downloading various games and apps from AppNana.After installing the app, you'll have to run it atleast once to have nanas credited to your AppNana account.

  • Complete Offers

You can also earn nanas by completing various offers like buying something from an ecommerce site, registering accounts etc.

  • Use AppNana everyday

You can earn 400 points daily just by using AppNana app everyday.

  • AppNana Inivitation Codes

If you have atleast 15,000 nana points on your AppNana, you will be eligible to earn 2500 point by inviting your friends to AppNana.Just ask your friend to enter your invitation code to earn 2500 nanas instantly to both you and your friend - win win situation!

AppNana invitation code to get 25000 nanas: 

What To Do With Nanas?

After earning enough nanas, you can redeem them for money or giftcards on your Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or Paypal account.

The value for AppNana points is as follows:

Nanas              Worth

30,000                  $1
45,000                  $2
90,000                  $3
160,000                  $10
210,000                  $15
650,000                  $50

To conclude, AppNana seems legit and I recommend you to give it a try.If you have installed AppNana and want to share your AppNana invitation codes, feel free to comment it below.You will be earning 2500 nanas each when someone enters your invitation codes!.....sound good?

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