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Facebook Chat Codes, Symbols and Emoticons

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Wanna rock your facebook chat with smilies and amazing emoticons? Find out all the amazing and hidden smilies on facebook chat.

Smilies and emoticons were one of the attractive features in messengers and chat forums.Facebook, the most popular social networking site also allows using smilies / emoticons on their chat and comments box.But Facebook has something more to offer on their chat rather than just the ordinary smilies.With the new open graph feature of facebook, users can insert any image uploaded on facebook on the facebook chat.To use images on chat, you need to enter the "chat codes" in double square brackets [[ code ]].On a previous post, we wrote about Gangnam style on facebook chat which also works on the same chat code method.In this post, you will find the official facebook icons on facebook chat and some other interesting tricks on facebook chat.

Want to add Gangnam style on facebook chat and surprise your friends??

Official Facebook Chat Symbols / Smilies

The official facebook smilies works on both facebook chat as well as on comments.When your enter the smiley in text, it renders the image version of that smiley.These are some of the official smilies on facebook.

facebook chat codes and smilies

Another set of official facebook icons and smilies that works on chat are the f9 sets.
facebook smilies official
f9 sets of facebook chat icons
The f9 characters can be written typing [[f9.cha]] for the letter A and so on for other letters.
The f9 digits can be written using [[f9.num1]] for number 1 and so on for other digits.
There are 43 smilies in f9 sets.They are....


Facebook Chat Codes

Chat codes is one of the interesting feature on facebook chat.With the soon to be launched Open Graph feature, users can now literally insert any image on facebook chat.This is achieved by inserting the image id in double square brackets [[ ]].

For any picture uploaded on facebook, it has a unique id.For example, take this image url on facebook...
The numbers on bold is the unique id of the image.You only need this numbers to add an image to facebook chat.The rest of the parameters "set" are not relevant for this purpose.

You may be thinking that the whole image will be insert to the chat.Well, not exactly.Images are displayed to a reduced dimension of 17 x 17 pixels.

You can also insert profile picture of any account on facebook just by inserting their facebook user name ( http://facebook.com/username ) .

For example, if you want to insert the profile image of ScratchTheWeb facebook page ( http://facebook.com/scratchtheweb ) on a chat, just type  [[scratchtheweb]] and press enter.This way, you can insert any profile image by knowing the facebook username.

facebook chat codes
Interesting Facebook Chat Code images

The above angry bird, hot looking miley cirus and the punching hand images are more than enough to surprise your friend while chatting.These images are actually several images of 17x17 pixel dimension arranged in order to look like a single image.

The Gangnam style facebook chat code also works the same way.

There are various resources on internet where you can find interesting facebook chat code images.You may explore more of them on following websites:

Many of these smilies on facebook chat tricks are unknown to most of the facebook users.There is a good chance you will amaze your friend on chat.

i love you
Colorful way to say I Love You on facebook!

Stay tuned to ScratchTheWeb.com by subscribing and liking us.......on a next post I will show you how to create your own facebook chat code image.

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