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Play Android Games On PC / Mac With BlueStacks

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play android games on pc

Now you can play your favorite Android games on your computer!

play android games on pc
You get to play Android games on PC!

Android is the most popular mobile operating system, covering over 75% of all smart phones and tablets in the world with 500 million activated devices in the third quarter of 2012 and it's user base is ever growing with 1.3 million activations per day.The main reasons why Android is popular is because it is an awesome smartphone OS and moreover it is opensource and hence is preferred by most smartphone and tablet manufactures in market.Google Play store, the ultimate destination for Android has over 700,000 apps and games to keep your Android phone busy forever.But in order to enjoy this inexpensive luxury of Android, you don't necessarily need to buy a smartphone or tablet........until BlueStacks is out there for free!

BlueStacks is a virtualization software that enables Android apps to run on Windows and Mac computers.BlueStacks is still in beta (under development) but you can download and run Android apps and games on PC for free during the beta period.

download bluestacks offline installer
Bluestacks Online Installer
Downloading and installing BlueStacks is quite easy.You can either download using BlueStacks Online Installer to download the setup or directly download the setup through your download manager.

In case you have slow/unstable internet or have trouble downloading BlueStacks from online installer, I recommend you to try BlueStacks offline installer using a download manager from the following download link.

The only difference in online installer and offline installer is that in online installer, you get some pre-installed apps, which you can also download later anyway after installing from offline installer.

After installing BlueStacks, you can run it from the desktop and download your favorite apps and games from various app markets and play it using your computer's mouse and keyboard.

play android games on pc
Playing Hill Climb Racing On My PC :)
Unfortunately, you won't get that fun you get while playing on Android games, especially those cool android games which relies on motion sensors.But it is okay, if you are looking for apps like online radio and other similar entertainment apps.

There are dozens of cool games games on Android which you must play before you die.Stay tuned to our blog to find the top free entertaining games on Android.

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