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Play Audio Through Bluetooth Headset in Windows 7

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play audio through bluetooth headset windows 7

Did you know you can stream audio playing on your computer to a bluetooth enabled headset? Here's how to play audio through bluetooth on your Windows computer.

play audio through bluetooth headset windows 7
Play Audio Through Bluetooth Headset In Windows 7

Did you know that you can play audio from your computer through a bluetooth headset instead of computer speakers? I had this idea when I had a spare bluetooth headset (Nokia BH-108) and wanted to listen to online music without my parents knowing about it.Using a bluetooth headset was the safest and easiest option.Alternatively I could have settled to earphones but it would require my laptop near me all the time and also restrict my mobility.Pairing bluetooth headset easy and takes only about 3 minutes.

In this post, I will show you an easy step-by-step guide on how to pair a bluetooth headset with Windows 7 PC / Laptop.

#1 Reset The Bluetooth Headset

bluetooth headset reset nokia
Bluetooth Headset Resetting
First you need to reset your bluetooth headset, because by default the bluetooth headset will be searching for the device it was previously paired with.To reset the bluetooth headset, switch on the bluetooth and then press and hold the switch on button button for about 8 seconds until the indicator light blinks in green and red color alternatively as shown.

Now that your bluetooth headset is reset, you are ready to pair it with your Windows PC.

#2 Pair Bluetooth Headset With Windows 7

bluetooth headset pair windows 7
Pairing a Bluetooth Device

Make sure bluetooth is switched on in both Windows 7 PC and the headset.Click the bluetooth icon in the notification area and select Add a Device.

Please wait while your PC / Laptop detects the bluetooth headset.

pair bluetooth headset windows 7
Bluetooth Headset Detected by Windows 7

If it fails to detect your bluetooth headset, try doing the previous step again.

Proceed by clicking Next and let the bluetooth drivers install on your system.

#3  Enable Playback Through Bluetooth Headset

Before going further, you need to check if bluetooth audio is enabled in speaker settings.To do that, right click Sound icon on notification area and select Playback Devices.

play audio through bluetooth headset windows 7
Check Playback Devices On Speaker Settings

Right click on the window and make sure Show Disabled Devices is ticked and then tick Enable on the bluetooth headset device.

play audio through bluetooth headset windows 7
Right-click Bluetooth Headset and tick Enable.

Just one step more...

#4 Forward VoIP Calls Through Bluetooth Headset

play audio through bluetooth headset windows 7
Forward VoIP Calls to Handsfree to play audio through Bluetooth Headset

Click Bluetooth icon on notification area and select Show Bluetooth Devices.A new window will pop up showing bluetooth devices connected to your computer.Double click the bluetooth headset device shown and select Forward VoIP calls to Handsfree.

Now Windows 7 will stream all audio to your bluetooth headset.

You can also switch to and from computer speaker to bluetooth headset by enabling / disabling the corresponding device on Sound settings.

Why/When You Should Use Bluetooth Headset In Windows 7?

Using Bluetooth Headsets has its advantages and can be very useful in certain situations.I will put few of them here...
  • You wanna listen to your favorite song and don't wanna get caught by your parents because they think you're studying.
  • When you wanna enjoy your music while doing your thing like exercising and does not want to bother others with your music interests.
  •  When you don't want to disturb others and loves freedom from wires.
Apart from these, you can also use bluetooth headsets for online chatting and skype calling.So it would be more like Mobile Online Voice Chatting rather than just online voice chatting!

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