WordPress all the way!

I just started to set up this new WordPress blog a few minutes ago ( ignoring the 10 minutes I took to write this post ) and here I am. Started blogging already!

Having already owning and maintaining another WordPress blog, I wanted to try a new blogging platform for the ScratchTheWeb. I went for Drupal and it felt like going back to early 2000s. The user interface is terrible, unorganized and confusing. I had to look around it at least 10 minutes to make sense of what and where things are.

Also, it seems Drupal is kind of a dead platform. It feels abandoned. Even the official Drupal website is so outdated in design. How can one trust the features ( especially low server load compared to WordPress ) of Drupal when their own site looks so ugly and unfriendly to the user.

I didn’t want try Joomla, it looks similar to Drupal. So NVM.

I was curious about Ghost. It seemed like the perfect alternative blogging platform to WordPress. However, my shared hosting plan won’t support installing Node.JS. So there it goes.

Anyway, if you’re one of the user that came from the google search page, I’m sorry to inform you that what you are looking for is no longer here.

I am going to use this as my personal blog but will also sharing my discoveries on the web as I turn myself into a developer. We’ll see where this blog goes as I make more posts.